How To Create A Landing Page For Your Next Music Release

There are a lot of different platforms for your fans to consume or buy your music: Spotify, Apple Music etc. With so many options how can you promote your latest music release without posting a LOT of different links?

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Thankfully smartURL have the answer.  Using a feature called ‘Pivot’, smartURL can create a landing page for your release which lists multiple music service destinations.

By giving your fans one URL, they can jump to the ‘smart’ page and then choose the service they use (eg Spotify for example). smartURL will even remember their choice for your next time you release some music and use a smartURL again.

You can get a mini player for the music and even get stats to show the number of link clicks etc.  It’s really handy, here’s how it looks in practice


And you can check out the test page I created here

To start creating your own visit

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