How Your Next Music Video Can Help Grow Your Facebook Audience

DIY artists suffer from a lack of exposure, so music releases are one of your best opportunities to grow your audience.  The music video which accompanies this release is one of the best tools you have at your disposal to engage a potential fan but how do you make sure that video reaches new people?  Here are a couple of tips:

Put Some Spend On Facebook

Facebook is excellent for DIY musicians because of its ability to pay to show new people your content on Facebook, in this case your music video. You can ‘target’ and select to show people your new music video based upon their age, location or more importantly their musical preferences.


A well targeted Facebook ad or boost is still about the best ad spend for DIY musicians.

So, if you’re in a band whose influences draw heavily from Queens of The Stone Age you can pay to show your video to fans of QOTSA in and around your local area, or further afield.  It’s that simple.


  • Make the video visually stimulating so it can attract attention with no sound.
  • Edit the video so it starts just before the lyrics start (if applicable).
  • Caption the lyrics.
  • Reformat the video to a 1:1 ratio.

Make A Video That People Want To Share

If existing fans share your video on social media, it not only helps your music reach a larger audience, the ‘social proofing’ or recommendation of that share increases its likelihood of consumption.


A music video shouldn’t just be a ‘visualisation’ of your music.  The main purpose of music videos for all DIY artists should be to create ‘word of mouth’. You should be looking to create a something engaging, quirky, unusual.  It should have the ‘wow’ factor wherever possible.

Ultimately you should be looking to create a ‘talking point’ something which is out of the ordinary so that it will be something that people will want to share and tell their friends about rather than passively consume.


Gangnam Style’s popularity was down to the fact that people shared the remarkable video.

Here’s an example for a music video for  a nine year old song I recently uploaded to Facebook.


People shared this over 2,000 times because it is a quirky unusual video.  People felt compelled to tell other people about it.  THAT’S how your music reaches a bigger audience and finds new listeners and it won’t cost you a penny!

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