How Musicians Can Easily Add Captions To Their Facebook Videos

Did You Know that 85% of all Facebook videos are watched without sound?


Silence is golden for most Facebook video views.

The way people consume videos in their newsfeed (in work, on the bus, watching TV) means that a lot of the time they won’t have sound enabled.  These ‘silent’ videos can be a problem for you as a DIY musician.  If you have post a video message talking about your next gig or your latest release, potentially 85% of people might not get that message because they can’t hear you!

Luckily Facebook can automatically generate closed captions to help you deliver that message without sound.  Here’s how

New Videos

When you upload your video, at the upload page or after the video is processed you’ll see a ‘Generate’ button.


Clicking this will take you to the Captions editor.  Facebook will now use speech recognition to attempt to ‘auto generate’ the captions.


The process it uses I find is only about 10% accurate, so you’ll manually  need to go into the text boxes on the right hand side of the page to correct its guesswork.  When you’re done click ‘Save To Video’.

Existing Videos

You can add captions to existing videos in much the same way.  Find the video on Facebook, click the ellipsis (the three dots) and then Edit Post.


By editing the post, you should see the Generate Captions button


You can then follow the procedure as listed above in correcting the auto generated captions.


It takes a little time, but generating captions will help increase consumption of your Facebook media increasing your views and getting your message across!

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