Social Media Is YOUR Space – Fill It With Your Vibes

Your social media channels are one of the best places to express yourself but what sort of content should you be filling it with?  Asked this question, I’m sure you’d respond with things such as band/music photography, links or posters to to your upcoming gigs etc.  Perhaps the most overlooked content you should be focussing on is your ‘vibes’.

Part of your social media strategy should be to push out your ‘vibes’ on a daily basis.

In the morning, wish people a great day. At the end of the week, channel the excitement for the upcoming weekend.   Make a valuable contribution to people’s day.

If you’re a party band, you need to be creating tweets and posts on Friday and Saturday evenings inspiring your audience to get ready for the action ahead.



If you are more of an introspective singer/songwriter you could be pushing out moments of reflection and ‘thought pieces’.


These sorts of posts strengthen the relationship with your audience.  If someone wishes you well, you’ll think more of them, right? If you think more about your audience, they’ll think more about you.

These sorts of posts also help you of reinforce your personality and beliefs and go a long way to help build  your ‘brand’.

Takeaway Tip

Pass on good vibes and positivity to your audience, they’ll thank you for it!

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