Musicians: Your Social Media Is As Important As Television

I spotted these two billboards yesterday.


On the left we have a new networked TV show, on the right an ISP extolling the benefits of their download speeds for watching user generated social media content.

These billboards remind us that social media content is a form of ‘entertainment’ and is as valuable in people’s lives as traditional media.  Imagine if you switched on the television and there were only shows on once per week, you’d be outraged!  If you’re only posting on Facebook once a week, you’re having the same effect.


People spend a LOT of time on user generated content (source Social Media Examiner)

People want to be ‘informed and entertained’ from the content they consume on their preferred social media platforms be it Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc.

If you’re not regularly posting great content there, you’re not connecting, engaging and entertaining that audience on a regular basis.


A lot of musicians have a ‘lazy’ approach to social media. Don’t be one of them!

If you’re not developing and deepening the relationship with your audience through social media you’re going to struggle to develop your music career.

Takeaway Tip:

Social media is now as important in people’s lives as traditional media.  Don’t neglect it.  Develop a content strategy so you’re always publishing great content.

If you’re struggling with what to post on social media, read this article here.

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