7 Social Media Ideas For Musicians

Any musician that knows their marketing knows that only 20% of social media posts should be directly promoting music, gigs etc.  That said, most musicians struggle to think of content ideas for the other 80%. Here are seven great content ideas for your social media channels that will get interaction and engagement from your fans.

1) Dig through your old images, find an off the wall photo of yourself and run a ‘caption competition’.  Award a prizes for the best entries.

2) Post a link to your favourite current album and tell people why you love it so much.  Ask your fans what music THEY are listening to and have a conversation with them about it

3) Use Periscope or FB live to live stream a “news/upcoming events” bulletin.

4) Replace the audio on one of your music videos with an ‘audio commentary’ (you can record it on your phone). Upload it to your social media accounts and spread the word.

5) Use an app like Word Swag to create a nice image for socials based on your lyrics.

image1 (3)

I used Word Swag to create this graphic. Use it to create a graphic based on your song lyrics.

6) Review something.  It could be the last film you watched, the last book you read, your latest Netflix addiction.  Ask your fans what they have been diving into.

7) Create a ‘topical’ themed playlist on Spotify/Apple Music/YouTube and share it with your fans.

Got any questions about this post or how you can better market yourself?

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