How To Get More Press And Media Coverage For Your Next Music Release

Many bands and musicians are unsure as to which outlets in the media/press they should contact in order to get exposure and coverage for their music.  If that sounds like you, here’s a little tip to help you out.


Here’s a good tip to help get you more exposure.

Identify as many acts as possible who are similar to yourself in terms of music style/sound. These should be musicians or bands who have a similar or slightly larger following in terms of fanbase size/social media numbers.  Scan the social media channels/websites of these musicians for links to any press coverage/blog reviews/radio plays they receive.  The idea is that if you are musically similar, those media outlets should hopefully be interested in YOUR music too.  


Sounding similar to another artist could get you coverage from media outlets who review that artist.

By performing this kind of research you should be able to build up a list of relevant contacts to send your future music releases to.  On social media, start to follow the blogs/magazines/radio shows/reviewers you have identified and begin interacting with them to start building a relationship.  Then target those outlets with your next music release.

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