Why Your Facebook Music Videos Need A ‘Pattern Interrupt’

One of the best ways to grow your audience is finding the right targeted audience on Facebook and then running a ‘ad’ to show those ‘new people’ your latest music video. These Facebook videos will be at their most effective if you incorporate a ‘pattern interrupt’.

A pattern interrupt is something which attracts the attention of the viewer, disturbing their normal behavior.  In Facebook, normal behaviour is scrolling down your news feed, moving from one Facebook post to the next without paying much attention then…BAMMM!!!…a video of something weird, amazing, visually striking comes onto your newsfeed.


A classic pattern interrupt!

You say  ‘What is THIS?’ You’ve just GOT to check this out.  And that my friends is a pattern interrupt.


The effect of a ‘pattern intterupt’!

As a DIY musician you should therefore try and incorporate a pattern interrupt into the start of your music videos to attract and pique the attention of your existing audience (so they consume your videos) and a new audience which you target via ads.

This interrupt needs to be done right at the start as you only have three seconds on a news feed to get someone’s attention.

As you film your next video, try and incorporate a interrupt right at the start.  If you’re uploading an old video to Facebook, maybe you should re edit it so that the beginning contains that vital a pattern interrupt.

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