MUSICIANS: How To Use Free Shows To Build Your Mailing List

Even if you are a musician or band playing free shows, here’s a way you can use them to build your fan mailing list.


Rather than simply asking fans to turn up for free on the night, tell your audience that entry is free but they’ll need to acquire a free e-ticket.  You can use a service like Eventbrite which is free and easy to use for ticketing.


You can use Eventbrite as a ticketing agency for your free shows at no cost for yourself or your fans.

This procedure will not only increase the online visibility of your event but more importantly you will receive the emails of all attendees to the show. You can then add those people to your mailing list after the show!

That sounds much better than getting people to turn up ‘on spec’ doesn’t it!  You could even offer a free badge/button to people who get an e-ticket for the show as a little incentive.

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