Five Ways That Social Media Is Better Than Trad Media For Musicians

Lots of musicians pour scorn on the effectiveness on social media however I firmly believe that it is a DIY musician’s most effective marketing tool. If you are a musician I think your marketing focus and therefore your marketing spend should be on social media more so than traditional media.

Bobby Owsinski recently wrote a great post over at Hypebot discussing just this very topic.  You should read the article in full but here are the main five takeaways

Low Cost


Running a Facebook ad campaign will be much cheaper than a traditional Press/Radio/PR campaign.

You Can Get Up Close & Personal

Social media creates an artist-fan intimacy like no other form of media.  People get closer on social.


Social allows you to get up close to your audience.


Facebook targeting allows you to pinpoint and show your content to an audience defined by music taste, age, location and gender.  Most media can’t do that!


Better measurement

You’ll get a better measurement metric from Facebook ads than you will from a report from a traditional PR company. If you had an article in a magazine or blog, how many people actually read it? You’ll never know.  Facebook ad metrics provide you with a more detailed analysis of a campaign.


Social media content gives a fan an opportunity to participate and interact with a musicians. It’s two way unlike traditional media.

Read the article in full here:

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