More Ways To Get Fans To Join Your Mailing List

Getting people to sign up to your mailing list can be hard going, especially if you’re just offering a free mp3 as an incentive. The days of freemium streaming mean an mp3 download can be a hassle rather than an an incentive for yje verage fan.


Fans often need an incentive before they’ll give you their email.

Here are some offers you can use to entice people to sign up.

Offer A Discount Voucher Code


If you’re selling merch online (and any follower of this blog should be!) you can generate an online discount code for your shop to be sent as a subscriber exclusive.


Host An Special Event

Host an intimate, ticket only show and ensure that the ticket URL is ONLY be sent to people on the mailing list.


Give Them A Stream

If we live in a streaming age, give your audience access to a stream. Record an exclusive mini set, upload to YouTube as Unlisted video and send the URL to your mailing list.

You could even do something live. You can create a live stream on YouTube, set the URL to ‘Unlisted’ giving your mailing list details of when the stream will take place.


A secret stream. Yesterday.

If you’re running one of these incentives, make sure you spread the word as much as possible.  Make sure you also put a bit of marketing/promo advertising these offers too.

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