BANDS: Want Out Of Town Gigs? Form A Co-Op

Continually playing your local music scene can get a little stale.  You’d like more shows further afield but getting gigs outside your local area can be tough. You might have a keen local following but for some bands and performers, out of town fans are thin on the ground.

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Here’s a way you can get your music on the road!

How do you overcome this? Well, you and some other bands need to form a co-op. Here’s how it’s done.

Let’s say there are say four members of the co-op; each member of the co-op is a band/ musician based in a different town or city.  You co-ordinate a tour with the four members playing four shows in the four different locations. Each member of the co-op headlines their home city guaranteeing a sizeable crowd for all parties and at each night, there are three bands getting out of town shows.


Let’s get your music on the road

Sounds good doesn’t it.  If you fancy executing this strategy, all you now need to do is start researching potential co-op members in other locations and get organising your own mini tour!

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