Are Your Online Music Bios Up To Date?

There’s a lot of places online that hold your about ‘About’ details: Twitter, Facebook, Soundcloud, Instagram etc.

As well as giving a brief description of who you are, these bios should also list your latest marketing campaign.  This could be for a single, an album, a tour…whatever ‘thing’ you need to bring to the attention of your online audience. The trouble is, a lot of DIY musicians forget to update their online bios, leaving them showing out of date information.


You should get into the habit of regularly visiting all of your yours, checking to see if they are bang up to date and have the correct details of your latest marketing campaign.


You need to do a bit of online housekeeping every now and again!

Here’s a tip.  If you have videos that perform well on YouTube I’d recommend putting the details of your latest campaign in the top lines of the video descriptions to give that campaign the biggest possible exposure.  I also know from my own experience that these YouTube descriptions will be quite easy to forget to update!

So take a couple of minutes out of your day today. Visit all your profiles and make sure they are up to date!

Got any questions about this post or how you can better market yourself?

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