Why The Press Want Your Story Not Your Music

Did you know that for the most part, music journalists don’t write about music. You see, it’s hard for a music journalist or blogger to write about the technicalities of music construction and production. Instead they write about the stories, themes and topics based around that music.


Don’t  believe me? Buy a music mag or read a few online blogs and articles.  Those articles will cover the latest comings and goings of an established artist. Perhaps the themes and exploits based around their latest release will be explored, but the music will barely be mentioned. For a new artist, what will be featured is their individual backstory.

To get the greatest amount of press coverage as a DIY artist you need to focus on crafting a good story around your music to capture the attention and imagination of the press.

“Man records music” is not a good story. “Bon Iver locates to remote cabin in the woods of Northwestern Wisconsin at the onset of winter to record an album”.  That’s a great story.


Bon Iver got the press for his ‘story’, not just his music.

See, it’s about how the music is framed ‘within’ an interesting and intriguing narrative ‘device’ to hook the media and earn some coverage

So, if you want press coverage think about the story – how you can ‘frame it’ around a narrative to ‘hook’ the media.

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