Get Into The Habit Of Creating Content When Out On The Road

Your live shows are one of the best opportunities for content creation so whenever you are playing a gig you need to get down to the business of creating content ‘on the road’.

On Saturday my band played a sold out 520 capacity sold out show, nice.  Here’s the content I created during the time I spent at the venue.

I always do a Tweet/Post during soundcheck, it gives people info of doors/stage times and if done early enough can even encourage walkup.


I always like to take a ‘backstage’ shot when I can, this will be used for a ‘Friday’ weekend celebration post this week.


During the night I’ll try and capture some footage of the crowd. Here I have a pic and then a video, posted on different days



If you’re not it a position to do this yourself, get a friend or fan to capture a bit of your live performance.

At the end of the night I’ll usually record some footage to plug a future show:


If you use Snapchat/Instagram ‘stories’ the possibilities are endless.

As you can see you have to go out of your way to create this content at time when you’d rather be kicking back and having fun.  Make sure you make the effort so you can reap the rewards with increased fan engagement and more people turning up to your live events.

Got any questions about this post or how you can better market yourself?

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