MUSICIANS: How Facebook’s Latest Algorithm Change Could Affect YOUR Posts

If you know your Facebook, you know that it uses an algorithm to ‘filter’’ content.  This is why only a percentage of your Facebook fans see your posts.


One way to bypass this algorithm is to ‘force’ users to comment or share your posts using a variety of clever tactics.  You’ll have seen those posts in your newsfeed: ‘Tag a friend’, ‘Share to win’, ‘Like this post is you LOVE Drake’s music’ that sort of thing.  This interaction fools Facebook into thinking the post is of interest to people which results in a bigger reach.


Facebook has now wised up to the cheating! It now classes these types of posts as ‘Engagement Bait’.  In summary, if it sees you using those types of posts it’ll class them as cheating and it will heavily demote you, meaning hardly anyone will get to see them.


If you regularly use these types of posts, I’m afraid you’re going to have to change your content strategy. Facebook wants you to create interesting content that people interact with naturally.  If you do that, you’ll stand a better chance of your posts being seen.

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