Why Musicians Need To Think Of Their Fans As Customers

I recently had a tweet from a fan who had bought a t-shirt at one of my band’s shows. The t-shirt had developed a hole due to a faulty seam after two wears. Obviously, this was a fault with the garment at factory level and an issue that I had no control over. Despite that, I immediately dispatched a brand new shirt without delay along with my profuse apologies.


As a DIY musician, you need to be sympathetic when things go wrong.

Why did I do that? Well, most DIY musicians forget that they are also ‘business owners’ and a major factor in the success of running any business is ‘customer service’.  As a DIY musician you need to be aware that your fans are also your customers and to that end you should always strive for excellent customer service.


It’s your job to make sure that your fans are 100% happy and if they aren’t you need to rectify that and make up for their inconvenience. If you sold tickets to a show and there were complaints about the quality of the sound, let those people in for free at another show and give them a freebie as way of an apology.  If you do, they’ll love you forever.  If you don’t, you may lose that fan forever.


Takeaway Tip

Providing great customer service will not only make up for a bad situation it could result in people liking you even more.

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