Do You Have A Musical ‘Calling Card’?

Imagine this scenario.  You’re chatting to a new acquaintance and they ask “Who is your favorite musical artist?” You state your all time favourite singer/musician/group and **shock** they’ve never heard of them!

To rectify this, you open YouTube on your phone and search for THAT song which sums up everything about them. Not only is it their best work it encompasses their ‘sound’ and their musical identify. A newbie can listen to just that one song and get what that artist is all about…it’s a ‘greatest hits’ in just one song.


Now, think about yourself as an artist…do YOU have that one song which truly defines who you are?  

You might not know it but this ‘one song’ could well be your greatest marketing asset. People can listen to that one piece of music and decide whether they want to ‘get on board’. Combine it with a killer video you have yourself an unrivalled  ‘calling card’ for new and potential fans. THIS IS ME!  It’s the video to pin on your Facebook  page.  The one that’s always on the front page of your website.


You should have one defining track in your repertoire which says ‘this is me’

If you have read this and thought to yourself, ‘I don’t think I have a song like that’, maybe writing that song is your first job of 2018?

Got any questions about this post or how you can better market yourself?

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