BANDS: What To Need To Do After You Have Finished A Tour

The end of a tour can be a relief for a lot of musicians but there are still some marketing things you’ll need to do before you can truly put your feet up.

Here are the five things you should definately do after a tour before you fully relax.


Thank Your Fans For Coming

Makesure you do a big final ‘thanks to everyone who came’ shout out. This shows your fans you care and that you appreciate their support.


Ask Fans For *Their* Content

Ask fans for their photos and videos so you create a fan tour photo album or fan filmed compilation video of all the shows.


Tidy Up Your Website/Socials

Remove all banners/graphics on your social channels which might refer to the tour. Check your info/bios too.


Clean and tidy up your socials and images.

Retarget Facebook Event Correspondents

Even if a show has passed, you can still post in the old Facebook events.  Why not post again in there with a link to your mailing list: ‘be the first to know when we roll into town again’ or to point them to your online merch in case they didn’t buy on the night.


Reflect on Success/Failures

Now is the time to ‘learn’ from your run of shows. Which methods of marketing generated the most/least eyeballs and engagement?.  What methods of promotion do you need to increase/decrease (posters/facebook ads etc).  Are you gigging in the right venues? Think about what you need to double down on and what you need to change.


Got any questions about this post or how you can better market yourself?

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