Make More Money From Your Merch Sales With Upselling

It’s great when your fans buy your merch and your physical music, if only there was a way you could make a little more money from those sales. Upselling is the practice of persuading those fans who are spending money to spend a little more, thus making more profit out of each sale.

merch bundles

Sombining merch items together is a great way to upsell.

Upselling is easy to accomplish for all DIY musicians by offering bundles either on your merch table or your online store. If left to their own devices most fans might only buy CD or a t-shirt.  Why not offer a keenly priced discounted CD AND t-shirt bundle featuring both. You can create a ‘fan pack’ of everything you offer on the merch stall with an ever bigger discount to increase the profit margin per sale.

You could perhaps use an older, harder to shift item of merch to add that extra value. You might even throw in a ‘bundle exclusive’ that people can’t buy anywhere else to further persuade people to upsell.

Direct to fan sites merch site like Music Glue automatically try and upsell to a full bundle if part of a bundle is added to a person’s shopping cart.

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