Define Your Musical Purpose With A Mission Statement

To be a successful musician I think you need to start with a clear message of what your intentions are as an artist. Companies and brands do this in the form of a mission statement, a blueprint which sets out your core values and your reason for existence. Here are some corporate mission statements from famous brands:

Nike: “To bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete in the world.”

Coca Cola: “To refresh the world in mind, body and spirit. To inspire moments of optimism and happiness through our brands and actions”.

McDonald’s “To be our customers’ favorite place and way to eat and drink”


Having a mission statement helps keep you focused on your core values and forces you to assess all your activities (and your music output!).  Here are some examples a msuical act might have:

  • Our aim is to take everyone on a musical journey of musical reflection and spirituality.
  • My mission is to to make the world a happier place and put a smile on peoples faces with my music.
  • Our aim is use music to resist the powers of oppression and fight back with my music.

If you don’t have one, craft yourself a mission statement.  Then before doing anything you should ask yourself “is what I’m about to do aligned with my mission statement?”.   If it’s not, then maybe you shouldn’t be doing it!

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