The Psychology of Selling For Musicians: The ‘Why’

As a DIY musician you have stuff to sell: your merch, your physical music, your shows etc. You’ll also know how difficult it is getting people to part with their money.  Most musicians aren’t that familiar with the psychology of selling. If you can understand a few basic human responses relating to buying and selling you can change your sales techniques and over time you’ll sell more stuff.


We’re going to be looking into people’s minds to try and get them to buy more of your stuff!

Today I’m going to talk about the ‘why’. I see lots of bands on social media correspond with their fans saying something like:

‘‘Be sure and come to my gig at the Academy on the 28th’

But let’s raise a question a fan might subconsciously have “why should come?”. You see, people are full of uncertainty and before we do anything we like to know what we’re going to get.  If I’ve never been to see you live before, what should I expect? Until you can convince me, I might not want to come.

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If you’re ever asking your fans to do something…this could be their response.

You’ll have more luck if you explain briefly the benefits of what you’re selling.  Let’s look at that request again, how about rephrasing as:

Come to our gig at the Academy on the 28th and you’ll get such a great night of toe-tapping country you’ll be leaving with a smile on your face.

That’s more descriptive and better sells the benefits a fan will get if they buy a ticket.

Takeaway Tip:
Tell people the benefits of what you’re selling rather than just asking people to buy something.

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