How Long Should You Promote A Single After It Has Been Released?

I saw this question yesterday on a musician’s Facebook group:

How long should you promote a single after it’s been released: a year, six months or shorter or longer?

When we think about music promotion we should probably thing about two distinct markets, the first is the press/media/blogs etc.  They still prioritise ‘the new’ and are generally interested in music up to the date of release. After that, they’re moving on and looking out for even more new music.


You only get ‘one shot’ to promote your music to the media.

Now let’s move on and think about a general music audience.

It’s your goal to get your sounds to as many people as possible. If your music reaches a new listener for the first time they will generally have no idea how old that music is.  I think we need to get past this classification of new/old music and I recently saw a much better description: our music is either heard or unheard. If someone hears our music for the first time and they like it they won’t care how old it is, they’ll just be glad they’ve heard it!


New and old its perhaps now an outdated was to describe our music.

You can also make something new by creating a new video/accompanying visuals. Last year I finally got round to making a video for a song that was nine years old, this re-engaged an existing audience and with some ad spend on Facebook, it reached lots of new fans.  This year, I created an eye catching video for an album track that was almost two years old and reached 1 million people on Facebook.
Takeaway Tip

The age of your music is no longer a barrier to how it will be received by music fans. If you bring it to the attention of a fresh listener…no matter how old it is it’s new to them!

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