10 Facebook Live Tips For Musicians

Hands down, Facebook Live is THE way to market your music and be seen by your audience.  Here are ten tips every musician needs to read to get better at Facebook Live

Do It Regularly

Intermittent broadcasts won’t allow you to build up a committed audience.  Create a regular date/time when you go live every week. It could be 10 o’clock on a Saturday morning or 8pm on a Monday night.  That way people can ‘learn’ when you are on.

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Create A Facebook Event

You’ll still need to publicise the broadcast.  Creating an event on Facebook is one of the best ways to do that.


Tell Your Mailing List

Send a dispatch to your mailing list as another way to remind people to tune in.

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Have A Plan

If you’re playing some songs, know your setlist and have a good idea what you’re going to say between songs.  If you’re doing some other format have an outline plan for the content of the broadcast so you don’t ‘dry up’.

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Invest In A Tripod

If you’re using your phone, it’s probably worth investing a good quality tripod which will enable you to easily film in portrait mode.


Jump Right In

As soon as you start broadcasting, start your stuff (i.e. talking or playing etc).  Think of it as a busking gig, you need to play to attract a crowd rather than attracting a crowd THEN playing. Remember that a lot of people will watch the broadcast on a replay and they’re not going to watch at all if there’s five minutes of you “waiting for more people to join us” at the start.

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Interact With Your Audience

Facebook Live broadcasts are ideal opportunities to engage and chat with your audience in real time.  Talk to them, give shout outs, answer their questions. Take advantage of the best fan engagement you can get.


Promote It

It’s a good idea to put some targeted ad spend behind a good Facebook Live broadcast so that new people can get to see it.


Reuse It

When you’ve finished you can download the video and reup to YouTube or clip sections for use on other social networks.


Go Live When You Can’t Be Live

If you’re in an interesting location but have a poor phone signal, you can record a video and broadcast ‘as live’ later on Facebook using the free OBS software.


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