Steal This Idea From Spotify

I was on Spotify the other day and I spotted a ‘Landmark’ edition of Alanis Morissette’s Jagged Little Pill.  The album on Spotify had been ‘augmented’ with mini interviews with Alanis and producer Glen Ballard concerning the recording and writing process for the album as a whole and the songs within.


The Landmark edition of this album on Spotify has interviews giving the listener a greater understanding of how the music was recorded.

Doing this helps the listener get a greater appreciation and understanding for the music. After listening, that person will like the music and the artist even more!

So how can you do something similar for one of your albums? OK, well let’s work on the basis that you have an album and all the songs uploaded as cover art tracks on YouTube (there’s an article about how to do that here). Record a video pertinent to each song where you talk about the writing process, recording and production…whatever you feel is relevant to give the listener a deeper understanding.  Upload a video to YouTube for each track and then create a playlist which sequences each music track with its own ‘video explainer’. You can also do the same with using audio on SoundCloud creating a SoundCloud playlist.

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