How To Get An Audience To Your Out Of Town Gigs

Most DIY bands and performers might have a reasonable sized following in their home town or locale but they will probably struggle to attract significant numbers to their out of town shows. So how can you attract an audience if you’re playing a new city or a location which is far from home? Here are some tips:

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How can you attract an audience to an out of town show?


Use Facebook Ads

Using Facebook ads you can create awareness of your music in locations you will be playing.  You can then retarget interested parties with details about your forthcoming show. you’ll need to do this some time in advance for the best results.

Contact Local Blogs And Radio Stations

Do your research and contact them supplying your music as well as details about your show.

Make Sure You Work With The Right Promoter

Make sure the promoter is one that works for your sort of music and has a good reputation in that location.  By doing so there’s a better chance they’ll be able to get the people through the doors.


Work with promoters that deal with your sort of music and have a good schedule of events and gigs. You’re more likely to have a ‘regular crowd’ you can tap into.

Research The Local Music Scene

Ask yourself ‘How do people discover music in this town/city?’  Do they have a good local radio station? Is there a Facebook group where all the music heads hang out? Use social media to ask locals how they discover who is playing in their area and then contact those leads to help get the word out.


Research how the locals find out about music.

Get Local Acts On The Bill

A no brainer.  Find the local talent that best matches yours and ask them to play alongside you.

Do Pre-Gig Shows

Do some research and find places to play spots before your nighttime show. This could be a coffee shop, park, library, bookstore, record store etc.  Maybe a bit of afternoon busking with some flyers.  Fit as many of these short gigs in as you can.


Small daytime gigs can help you get the word

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