Why Placing The Same Content On All Your Social Networks Is A Bad Idea

I saw this Tweet from journalist and writer Caitlin Moran yesterday


What she says is true, people adopt different mindsets on different social networks. Content creators such as ourselves need to be aware of this because we’ll get the best response by posting the right content to the right platform.  Here’s how the top three social networks are unique and how best to use them:

Instagram – The best platform for ‘telling stories’. This could be the story of your day or the story of how a song is created from inception to release on Spotify or Apple <usic. The main feed is highly ‘curated’ and stylised and can be shown to ‘show’ people what you are experiencing (“the view from where I am”).


Twitter – Works best for informational content.  Twitter almost regards itself as a news platform these days (in the App store it’s now under News rather than Social Networks). Anything ‘informational’ works well, also a great place for voicing your opinion on things. Share the things that are important to you. It’s a place to have your say and pass on your thoughts.


Facebook – The best place for community posts and engaging your audience. The best place for straight out ‘entertaining’ your audience, plus the platform for your big announcements and ‘proclamations’.


Takeaway Tip: Don’t share the same content to all your platforms regardless. Where possible, find out what platform best suits your content and place it there.

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