Here’s Why You Should Follow Your Top Fans On Social Media

As you go about your daily business on your social channels you’ll probably see quite a few ‘regulars’, fans who are always commenting and replying to your tweets and grams. What I suggest you do is follow back those fans.


Why? Well for a start, as followers of yours they’ll feel really special that an artist they like is following them.  But more importantly by following your biggest fans, you’ll be doing some all important market research. By reading their posts, you’ll get a glimpse into their lives and what makes them tick.


Follow your your fans and get a peek into their lives.

You’ll get to see first hand what things are important to them, the things that they like and post about. See what ‘themes’ there might be between all these followers; collectively do they all post about the same things? Do they share similar feelings? If they do, these are topics you should probably concentrate and talk about yourself on social media if you’re trying to engage your community.


Finding out what your fans like will enable you to talk about those topics on your own social channels.

Final thoughts.  Should you follow back ALL your followers? Some people do but i don’t recommend it.  Should you use ‘follow back’ bots which follow random accounts in the hope the follow you back? I definitely don’t recommend those and most of these services now breach the terms of service of social platforms.

Takeaway Tip

Follow your biggest fans to gain valuable insights into your fan community.

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