How To Pitch Your Next Single Direct To Spotify For Playlist Consideration

Getting your streams up on Spotify often depends on being in a playlist.  Getting your music to an independent playlist curator is hard, getting onto an official Spotify playlist is even harder.  Now Spotify is giving EVERYONE the chance to submit to an official Spotify curator for consideration to their playlists. Interested?  I thought you might be.


To start, you’ll need an unreleased song. This procedure hasn’t been spelled out, but I’m guessing that if you have a song on pre-release, it will show up on your Spotify For Artists account even though it’s not ‘live’.  You should then get the option to submit that song to Spotify with as much info as possible to help the playlist curators: genre, mood, instrumentation, that sort of thing.

Even if your song doesn’t get selected for a Spotify playlist, as long as you submit seven days before release it should be guaranteed to appear in your follower’s Release Radar playlist so it should be automatically guaranteed more listens.

I’ve not got a single out for another couple of months so I can’t try it for a while but It’ll be interesting to see how this pans out.

Read more from Spotify about the feature here.

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