Facebook Is Rolling Out Video ‘Premieres’

Facebook is continually rolling out new features which is great for us music marketers and it looks like my band’s account has access to a new feature, ’Premiere’.


Here’s where ‘Premiere’ appears on your Facebook video uploader.

Premiere allows you to upload and schedule a video to broadcast AS LIVE.  So, using this feature.  You’ll now be able to upload a video and ‘schedule’ a broadcast of it (say in a weeks time).  Facebook will then put a notification in your news feed to alert your fans.


When it’s ready to go, Facebook will then broadcast the video ‘as live’ (similar to using OBS which we’ve discussed on 60SMM before.  Here’s the benefits of such an approach

  1. Giving people a notification of the premiere will increase awareness. Followers can also request a reminder for the video debut.
  2. Going ‘live’ will put that video in more of your followers news feeds than a standard video upload, typically six times as many! 

This is great news. You could use this for big reveals such as a tour announce, new video dropping for a new track, that sort of thing.   Not everyone will have this feature yet, but it look like it’s rolling out to everyone and will be an essential new feature. When I get round to using it proper I’ll report back.

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