How To Use Instagram Stories Stickers

It’s hard keeping up with all the features on an ever changing platform like Instagram, and I’ll confess I’ve only just dipped my toe into the world of Stickers for Instagram Stories. If you’ve never tried them, here’s what you’re missing out on.

Stickers are overlays on your Instagram Stories which can serve a couple of purposes. They they are fun, they can provide additional information and they can also provide a level of interactivity.


Some of the ‘fun’ stickers for Instagram Stories. There are more useful ones for marketing your music.

To use them, take a picture or video in Stories then press the smiley face with a ‘peel’ icon. So what stickers should you use?  You can use things such as emojis and animated gifs to ‘brighten up’ your stories but I think these are best stickers:

Ask A Question


Good for interactivity and getting feedback from your audience. Responses will appear in your notifications.
Instagram-Questions-Sticker (1)

Run A Poll

We know that people like a poll on social media. Use your story as a gateway to ask your audience a question which can have two customisable responses.


Use A Slider

The slider sticker give people an opportunity to rate something.  You could have one of your tracks playing in the background and ask ‘How Much Do You Like This Track?’. Your followers then get the opportunity to use the slider and ‘rate’ something.  Neat.


As you can see, stickers add features more associated with other types of social media posts. Try them and see what they can add to your Instagram Stories.

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