Don’t Make The Same Marketing Mistakes This Band Did

I follow lots of bands in my area to see how they’re getting on.  One band has been playing for seven years, had a management deal for the past three years but last night they announced their split due to a lack of success.


As an outside observer, I think I have a good handle on where they went wrong. I thought I’d list the three areas where they were lacking so you don’t mistake the same mistakes as them.

Not Enough Music


In the past three years the group have only released three singles, nowhere enough to maintain a ‘buzz’ and keep people interested.  You should be aiming to release two to three official singles per year as well as keeping your audience ‘warm’ with a constant stream of covers and live performances. You’d struggle to maintain an interest in a TV show or a podcast that only produced one episode a year!


Lack Of Online Marketing Strategy

The band’s management seemed to think the way to build an audience was solely to book support slots and tour supports..This definitely has its place but it’s only one part of the marketing mix. There was no attempt by the band or management to build an online fanbase. Facebook ad campaigns are a way to introduce your music to an audience in a town or city and THEN arrange a show there. In 2018, social media marketing is your first port of call for promoting your music!

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Poor Online Engagement

The band’s social media channels were little more than announcements to upcoming shows.  Questions and posts to the page by the fans were often left unattended and unanswered. There were no Facebook live chats, no streamed live performances.  The band seemed only interested in playing shows rather than the ‘graft’ of audience engagement and content generation. Unless you engage that audience you won’t motivate them enough to come see a show.


Got any questions about this post or how you can better market yourself?

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