How I Handled An Online Hater

If like me, you use Facebook ads to show your music to a new audience you’re likely to encounter a little ‘friction’ along the way.  It’s a fact of life that some people will express their dislike at what you have paid to put in front of them I had a negative comment recently which I managed to turn around.


How did I do that so deftly?  Well, first off, you need to realise that a lot of people react online hyperbole. Many people profess outrage without really meaning it, it’s a very knee jerk reaction with a lot of people.  If you engage in a civil conversion and generally be nice to people when replying, many of them will realise their error and return to civility. This might be down in part because they never imagined the original poster would engage them!  So, always be civil, even if they aren’t


Secondly, I did not disparage or denigrate that person’s original opinion.  People are allowed to not to like your music, it won’t be for everyone. I replied stating that fact and posted a picture of our audience at a recent festival. In summary, my reply went along the lines of

“hi, you’re allowed your opinion, that’s OK, my music is for some people, it just mustn’t be for you, don’t worry about it, have a good day”

That’s not going to work for everyone who gives you a salty comment, there are times when you have to block and move on but it’s a reminder that no matter the initial tone of a commenter you should always be nice, be kind and you never know you might just turn someone’s opinion around.

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