Six Tips For Using Facebook Events To Promote Your Gigs

Facebook Events are one of the ways ways on ANY social media platform to promote a show.  Here are six tips to help you get the most out of the feature.

Avoid Multiple Events

With several parties often involved in a show (headliner, support, promoter, venue) I often see several Facebook events for the one show. Try and create just one event to create a singular focal point for marketing.  If someone has already set up an event you can import it to your Facebook page by clicking the ellipsis (three dots) at the top right corner of the event and selecting ‘Add to page’.

save as

How to add an existing event to YOUR Facebook page.

Keep Names Descriptive And Short

Events are searchable in Facebook so make sure they’re appropriately titled and can be found. Don’t make them too long though, sort titles tend to work better.


Imagery Helps

Use a strong, bold  image or video for the event.  I haven’t read any research which says that a video works better but if you have a good live video, you should perhaps use it.

be bold

Post In There Regularly


Keep posting in the event in the run up to the show.  Post videos of your performances to show the people who are ‘interested’ in the event what they’re going to get if they attend.


Sync With Bandsintown

If your Facebook page is synced with Bandsintown, if you create a new event your followers who are on that platform will be notified if it is near them. Extra marketing for free.

Use An Old Event As An Alert

Facebook events remain ‘live’ even after they have passed.  So if you are creating a new event for a venue/town/city you have played before, find that earlier Facebook event and post a comment in that alerting people of the new show.  The people who interacted to the old event will now be notified of your new one.


Got any questions about this post or how you can better market yourself?

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