Should You Use Your Personal Facebook Page To Promote Your Music?

Here’s a question I saw on a music marketing forum the other day:

I can’t get anyone to see the posts I make on my artist Facebook page but if I post my music on my personal Facebook page I always get a great response. Should I forget about my artist page and just use my personal page?


Here’s the thing. Posting your music to your personal Facebook page will generally get a good response because the people who are seeing it at your friends and family.  They are supportive in your musical endeavours and will ‘like’ what you post, reply with encouraging comments and probably come out to see you at a lot of local shows.
The problem is that these people are not ‘independent’’ fans, I was going to use the term ‘real fans’ but independent is probably better,  They are people who are supportive of your music because of their existing relationship with you. If anything, they are artificially inflating the level of interest in your music.
You need more people than your friends and relatives to buy your music and merch and pay to come and see your shows to build a proper career. My advice would be to back off posting your stuff on your personal page and focus on building your career though your official social channels.  Yes, it’s harder, but in doing so you’ll get a better idea of how well you are performing and can focus on an audience who can appropriatly remunerate you because they like what they do.

Got any questions about this post or how you can better market yourself?

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