Musicians: Here’s Six Reasons Why Your Facebook Ads Aren’t Performing

Facebook ads are the best form of targeted paid traffic there is but they are a tricky beast to master.  If you’re running some Facebook ads and they aren’t performing as you’d expect here are six reasons why:

You’re Targeting The Wrong Audience

You’re showing your ads to the wrong crowd.  Always test your ads on different audiences at the first stage.  You can then see which ones produce the best/cheapest results and put the bulk of your ad spend behind the best performing audience.


Make sure you are targetting the right audience.

Your Stuff Isn’t Good Enough

Whatever you are showing to people is not what they want.  If you’re paying to show new people your new music video for example maybe either the visuals of the music just isn’t up to scratch.  Looking at the comments might give you an idea where you might be going wrong.


Your Audience Size Is To Small

Facebook needs a large enough audience size to ‘number crunch’ and find the people most suited to your ad.  If your audience size is too small your ads will be expensive and might struggle. Try increasing the pool of people you’re running an ad to.


Don’t make your ad audience too small.

You’re Selling Too Soon

If you’re trying to sell on your first ad, you’re doing it all wrong.  You can’t make a move on the first date! In marketing the sequence is called “Know – Like – Trust”.  Your first ad generates awareness and attention. Once you have that attention (know), you then have to follow up with content that engages that audience to build a relationship (like). This can be done if they’re signed up to your mailing list etc. Then, they should trust you to spend money to come to a gig, buy a t-shirt, buy some music etc.


You’re Using The Wrong ‘Copy’

The text that comes with your ad needs to engage or intrigue the viewer.  Ideally it should have mystery and emotional appeal. Often, the best copy ‘asks a question’ that can only be answered if that person clicks on and engages with that advert.


Make sure the ‘writing’ in your ad is up to the job.

It’s Been Running Too Long


Ads generally have a limited lifespan.  Ads only work for a certain period of time before Facebook has optimised the best it can and before people might have become tired of seeing it.


Don’t run (your ads) for too long.

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