How Up To Date Are Your Music Marketing Methods?

As a DIY musician, you should always be experimenting with new techniques and new ways to help build your brand and market your music.

Over the weekend, my band experimented with a new camera creating some ‘virtual reality’  360 degree live music performances for the first time.

360 screengrab (1)

In addition we filmed introductory ‘links’ to accompany old music videos which will allow us to create a regular new 20-30 minute clips show which we can stream live on YouTube on Facebook using the Premiere feature.

download (5)

The platforms that we use are continually creating new features (I’m looking at you Instagram!) and the technologies that are available to us are forever improving and changing.  As DIY musicians we need to be sure we keep ourselves up to date in order that our methods don’t stagnate and that we don’t fall behind.

Got any questions about this post or how you can better market yourself?

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