60SMM Recomended Music Marketing Podcasts

I think Podcasts one one of the best ways of expanding your music marketing knowledge and keeping up to date with current music industry trends and news.  In the car, walking the dog you can get all the info you need to keep yourself on point. You’ll always find me listening to a music marketing (or similar podcast) and here are my top recommendations:

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DIY Musician Podcast Good all rounder podcast for improving your DIY artist career, covering a multitude of topics.  Great for for beginners too.

The Music Biz Weekly  – Hosts Michael & Jay discuss a different topic every week.  Covers both news and marketing advice. They often come at it from the POV of more established artists or people who have been in the business a while

Social Media Marketing Podcast – Unsurprisingly covers social media marketing rather than music marketing but, hey we all use social media right?  Host Michael has guests each and every week covering a different topic and he interviews them well.

The Music Industry Blueprint Podcast  Rick Barker gives sound business advice to anyone wanting to further their music career.  I concur with pretty much everything he say, only two episodes a week, I wish there were more!

Creative Juice – Hosts Circa & Corinne mainly cover selling and the processes behind the sales funnel courses for musicians that they run.  Still some good info to be had here though.

The Gary Vee Audio Experience Gary is THE entrepreneur, marketing guru and life coach that will tell you what to do and that fact that you should have been doing it years ago.  Need motivation, Gary will help!

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