Content Creation Strategies For Time Starved Musicians

As a DIY musician, it’s important to use our social channels to engage with our audience however there are times when you get so busy you can fall behind.  The pressures of the day job, your family or the rigours of being on tour can steal your time resulting in a lack of social posts.


The problem is that in today’s media drenched world, if you’re not creating content for your audience, in their minds you can cease to exist.  There are so many other things that can steal their attention, you can’t afford to go away. Here are a couple of simple tips to help you stay on top of your content creation:

Reuse Old Content


Hurray for Throwback Thursday.  Use an old photo, give it a new caption to put it in a new content.  Get scrolling back through your camera roll or your Facebook photo album, it’s that simple.


Get Creating In The Quiet Periods

What we tend naturally to do is take a deep breath and relax during our quiet times. Instead, how about making and stockpiling videos and photos to use when you have much less time on your hands.


When things are slack and you feel like hibernating, that’s the time to get busy!

See What’s Trending

Rather than taking too much time and energy creating custom content, just react to what is trending at the moment and create some quick fire content about that.


Create something around what is trending right now, it’ll probably have more impact.

Quit Being So Lazy!

Watching those new Netflix series are you?  How about watching one Netflix show instead of two and spending the extra hours on your marketing?  Get up 30 minutes earlier before college/work every day, that’s an extra three and a half hours right there.


Keep It Simple

There’s no need to spend hours creating stuff, get your phone out and film a 30 second video of you singing acapella, saying good morning, plugging your next show, playing piano.  Post it online…BANG. You’re done. That was easy wan’t it.


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