My Top 5 Twitter Crimes

I’ll say it loud and proud here, Twitter is my favourite social network so I still spend more of my time there than anywhere else.  Consequently, I see a LOT of bad practice on there from DIY musicians. Here’s what I think are the most heinous crimes I see committed every day!

‘At’-ting Famous People


This is perhaps my biggest gripe of all.  Tweeting artists with millions of followers begging for retweets or attention

@liamgallagher Hi Liam…here’s my new video, any chance of a RT?

@thomyorke Hi Thom, our new single is out today, can you RT it for us?

You look desperate and clueless.  Buy a lottery ticket, you’ve got more chance of winning that than a retweet!

maxresdefault (23)

Tweets That Are Just Links To Other Social Networks

Linking your social accounts is a bad move.  They all have preferred image dimensions, video lengths and people have different mindset when using them.  At least once a day I still see a tweet like this:

Check out this great video….

People are on Twitter because they love Twitter, don’t force them out to Insta or Facebook to see your content because they just won’t go. Post natively on every platform!

giphy (2).gif

Constantly RTing Praise

We all like to be be praised, and it’s great when your fans pay you a compliment but you don’t need to retweet EVERY single complement you get.  It looks a little, you know, needy.


Out Of Date Info

Does your header image refer to a tour you finished six months ago?  Is the “new” album mentioned in your bio now two years old? Make sure all your deets are bang up to date.


RTing Your Own Tweets

You’re allowed to occasionally RT on of your earlier tweets if it was an important one, maybe a show announce or a good video clip but to RT a photo you posted earlier? That looks like you have a lack of material, you can do better than that can’t you?

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Got any questions about this post or how you can better market yourself?

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