Why Fast Trumps ‘Perfection’ With Your Music And Its Marketing

I spotted this quote from a recent interview with Ariana Grande.


The world of hip hop moves faster than pop.  There’s less emphasis on perfection, less emphasis on a long lead up and a ‘wait’ to be able to buy or consume the music. There is more emphasis on getting stuff out there regularly, even if the music isn’t perfect.  Even if it will change and improve somewhere down the line. This this is how we need to approach our music marketing and how we deliver music and content to our audience.

Your audience would rather have lots of music and performance videos on a regular basis rather than you strive for perfection, creating a masterpiece that takes months to arrive.  Who cares if the lighting or the acoustics aren’t perfect, video yourself performing your new song on your phone and get it out there for your existing fans.

The popularity of Instagram Stories and Snapchat highlights the fact that we’re moving to a world that requires a constant stream of ‘stuff’ from us as musicians, and that stuff doesn’t need to be perfect.  What you need to do is remain in contact with your audience. You need to pay less attention to the quality and you need to make sure they are enaged and enagaged regularly.

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