Musicians: Do You Entertain Enough On Your Social Channels?

People use social media on average about two hours per day. Why is that?  There’s certainly the communication aspect of it all, seeing what your friends or relations might be up to but the main reason is that people hop on to their social accounts because they want to be entertained.

By following their preferred accounts, social media users are able to create a constant feed of the things they’d like to see.  They refer to and ‘use’ social media when the real world just isn’t interesting enough, when they need a distraction. This could be during an ad break on TV,  waiting for the bus, on the train, on their break. People want to be entertained. They want a little bit of escapism to enrich their current world and current situation.


So with that in mind, what are you serving up on your social channels?  You need to make sure that a good proportion of the content you push out on your socials will entertain and ‘enrich’ your followers,  That’s the mindset that they are in when they are using these platforms. If you’re not fulfilling that need, then you are not using the platforms to their full potential.