MUSICIANS: How Not To Come Across As ‘Salesly’

One of the most crippling feelings that a DIY musician can face is the thought of being too ‘salesy’.  We are primarily artists and performers, and selling generally isn’t our strong point. We often feel ‘icky’ when we have to ask for a sale whether that’s asking people to buy our merch or music or asking them to pay to come to a show. So how do you get around that feeling?


Nobody likes a salesperson!

Well for me, it’s all about the ratio between the times you ask for something versus all the other time you give content to your audience.

All your social posts, all your live videos, all the music you share, all the conversations you have with your followers on Twitter….these types of posts, these ‘gives’ should dwarf the number of your ‘asks’.  80-90% of your social posts should be bringing ‘value’ to your followers and be for THEM rather than yourself. Then, when you come to make an ‘ask’, you’ve earned it. You’ve done so much for THEM you won’t feel bad asking them to do something for YOU.  That’s how it’s done.

Got any questions about this post or how you can better market yourself?

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