Four Reasons Why You’re Not Getting Press Coverage For Your Music

Getting any kind of press, media or blog coverage for your music can be hard work. Some artists seem to accrue masses of coverage whereas others struggle to achieve any sort of recognition.  Here are four reasons why you might not be getting any exposure and at the end we’ll talk about how you can turn that around.

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You’re Not New To The Scene


The press love a new artist, someone who is new to the scene, on their way up and is ‘fresh meat’.  The longer you are a musician, the harder it can be to get coverage.

There Is No Story Or Angle

Musicians and artists with a distinct and interesting backstory make great copy.  If you’re just an Ordinary Joe playing ‘ordinary songs’, you might not make an interesting article.

You’re Not ‘Different’ Enough

Ideally, musicians who are recognised are the ones who stand out from the crowd because of the way they dress, how they conduct themselves in interviews or how they mix and push musical concepts and boundaries.  The media loves to cover artists who are on the forefront of new things, just playing ‘normal’ music might not cut.

You’re Not The In Thing

The press don’t think twice about giving media coverage to artists who are already receiving coverage. How do you get to be written about to *become* the in thing in the first place?  That’s Catch 22!

So what should we take from this?  Well, if you want to be written about being average or middle of the road will do you no favours. If you’re looking for more press can you craft an interesting backstory for the media?  Do you have a part of your backstory that you need to embellish or bring to the front? How can you differentiate yourself from other people in your genre?

Find as many ways as possible to look and sound different and push those differences on social media.  If you’re not a new artist you can still create something that ‘feels’ new such as dipping your toe into a new genre or embracing a new and different concept for your latest album.

Takeaway Tip
If you want coverage don’t be boring, don’t be average, don’t be the same as everyone else.

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