Why Coachella Is Giving People Access To Their Festival For Free

The world famous Coachella festival is streaming the whole of this year’s event entitled for free.  Why would a festival which charges $429 per ticket “give away” access to their festival for free online?


This year, people can stream Coachella for free.

By giving away their festival for free, the maximum number of people can get to experience it, albeit from a distance.  More people that ever before can watch at home and say to themselves ‘this looks great…I want to be part of this’. I played a festival in 2017 which livestreamed their three day event and tickets for 2018 sold our quicker than the year before.

If you want to reach the biggest number of people, you shouldn’t hide what you have behind a ‘gate’ or paywall, it should be free for everyone to sample.  All your music should be discoverable on platforms such as YouTube, Spotify etc.

Film your life performances, full sets if you can and make them all available online for people to consume.  Get people hooked on the good stuff for free, then hit your audience with a offer to experience you live. Better still, they can pay even more for you to come to them to do a house concert!
Takeaway Tip

The free model creates maximum awareness, exposure and demand for what you are selling next.

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