Competition Prizes That Your Fans Will Love (And Will Cost You Nothing!)

Competitions are a great way to engage your online audience, let’s face it everyone loves the opportunity to win free stuff.  The ‘Like & Share’ strategy or ‘RT to Win’ can still be a powerful tool to increase your overall social reach so you should use it often.  Here are five great ideas for competition prizes that your audience will love, and they won’t cost you a penny!


Backstage Access


Everyone wants to be a VIP.  For an upcoming show, grant one lucky fan backstage or soundcheck access.

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Free Show Tickets

If you’ve got some guest list places to an upcoming show, give them away in a prize draw to a lucky winner and a ‘plus one’.


Free Signed Stuff

That old merch that you can no longer sell and want to get rid of?  Sign it and use it as a prize.

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Giveaway Exclusive/Personalised Stuff They Can’t Get Anywhere Else

Worn drum heads.  Band passes. Setlists. There are loads of things that musicians throw away that could instead be collated, signed and used as a prize.


Spend A Day With You In The Studio

The next time you are booked in the studio, one lucky winner could accompany you and observe the proceedings.


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