Your Biggest Takeaway From That Fyre Documentary: You Need To Plan

I’m sure there’s a good chance that you have watched the Fyre Festival Netflix documentary, possibly through your fingers!

As someone who works part time within an events promotion company who promote several one day music festivals I know the amount of planning and preparation that has to be put in place before an event even goes on sale.  The film reveals that there was no planning here just sheer bravado and a belief that it would all be right in the end.


I think this is how a lot of DIY musicians plan their campaigns.  They fail to plan in a sufficient fashion and just hope that it will all turn out OK. As one commenter on the Fyre film said  “wishing for something really hard isn’t enough”.


So my takeaway from the film is this. Whatever you next campaign is, whether it’s to sell a show or a tour or promote a single or an album, make sure you do the requisite amount of planning that you need for that campaign to be a success. Give yourself plenty of time to execute and make sure it is sufficiently financed!

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