Three Ways Independent Musicians Can Get More Productive

If you’re an independent musician you need to be consistently creating content to engage your audience and build your relationship with them. Acoustic sessions, live broadcasts, custom graphics, podcasts are all things you can create but the only problem is many of us struggle to keep up with the demands that this content creation puts upon our already busy lives.

Here are a couple of tips to help you become more productive and to keep making the content that will help build your musical brand.

Have a Reserve Of Content

Before starting a regular content series, get ahead of yourself and create a ‘reserve’ of episodes.  That way when problems do strike such as illness or holidays, you don’t have to stop and you can just use content from your buffer.


It pays to have a reserve!

Get Help

If your content creation involves video or audio editing or graphics creation do you know someone who could take some of the workload from you?  It could be a student studying in this discipline who would appreciate the experience or maybe a local freelancer. You could even check out for some tasks. It may cost you busy the additional expense might be preferable to creative burnout!


Help can be beneficial…even if you have to pay for it.

Get Organised


You might find you have more time for your creative endeavours if you clear the desks in other parts of your life.  Cut back on the Netflix, reduce your Instagram noodling and you’ll find you have more hours in the day to get creative.


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