How Much Should You Spend On A Music Video?

It’s a big question, how much should you spend on a music video?  People like myself encourage you to produce as much music as possible, but those releases are normally accompanied by a music promo.  All this making music is turning into an expensive business!


I was recently contacted my a music video production company offering their services. Their fee, about £1000…that’s certainly a lot of money. You’d no doubt get a video filmed with fantastic cameras and lenses, edited to a high standard with a terrific music promo ‘look’ and sheen.

But how many people would get to see the end result?  I’m more of the opinion that I’d rather save money on the making of video at the front end so I can spend more of my marketing budget on running ads on Facebook or YouTube so people get to see the end result. Does that make sense?


From running ads on YouTube I know that about 95%+ of my video views are watched on a phone or an iPad.  Ask yourself, are those people watching on those small screens really going to appreciate the production values you’ve just spent a LOT on money on?

In addition, as odd as it may seem, running Facebook ads on ‘informal’, less ‘produced’ music videos often produce better results than more polished videos. The majority of the content that people watch on social media is shot on a phone, they regard that lo-fi aesthetic as ‘authentic’.

Got any questions about this post or how you can better market yourself?

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