Don’t Be Crippled By Perfection When Marketing Your Music

Musicians are often crippled with a quest for perfection in many aspects of their musical endeavours, and that includes their marketing.  They worry about releasing a recording of performance that might be a little rough around the edges thinking it will show them in a less favourable light. They put off live streaming because they think they haven’t got the presenting chops to pull it off. They don’t give their audience a peek of any ‘work in progress’ because they they only want to show their fans the ‘perfect’ end product.


This sort of approach means that you are marketing your music with one hand tied behind your back.. We live in an imperfect world, and a world that now views imperfections as authenticity. Highly polished music videos often perform less well as Facebook ads than ones with a lo-fi, home made aesthetic.

Think about how Instagram Stories work.  Stories are meant to be informal, imperfect. You’re meant to do lots of Stories and not worry about perfection, just create content that might be a bit messy and get it out there.

In summary, don’t fret about perfection when marketing your music….just start!

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